Dating a billionaire

Here’s a look back at some of his most consequential statements: On the death penalty and policing Trump: “I hate seeing this country go to hell. In order to bring law and order back into our cities, we need the death penalty and authority given back to the police.

I got fifteen thousand positive letters on the death-penalty ad.

It certainly was not the first time the real estate tycoon has expressed himself with little, if any, filter.“Our vision is to create a community of problem solvers who can become the leaders of STEM in the world and develop solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.”Competition for the program is fierce.Out of 11,000 applicants, only 1300 were chosen to join the Junior Academy, and out of those chosen, only one group won the Social Impact Challenge.Donald Trump dominated airtime during the first GOP debate on the night of August 6, to no one’s surprise.And Americans were listening: the unprecedented 16 percent of households with televisions that tuned into the Fox News program exposed themselves to a cumulative 11 minutes and 14 seconds of Trump talk.

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The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) wants to ensure that there are just as many inventors working on cancer, energy and other impactful endeavors as photo filters and dating apps.

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  1. He grew up with show business aspirations and climbed upward — one menial job after another. He was also a songwriter, penning “Palisades Park,” which was turned into an uptempo hit in 1962 by Freddie Cannon.

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