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The State of the Single Life Matt Campbell is the regional representative for the Orange County singles/midsingles committee, which comprises 16 stakes in Orange County.

Many single members, upon turning 31 and having to leave their young single adult ward, go inactive by the time they are 34, he says.

The 2012 line-up of events for the weekend included beach volleyball, surfing, dancing, bowling, hot air balloon rides, and motivational speakers flown in to edify and uplift the crowd.

It’s no wonder this six-year ritual is continuing strong and being replicated all over the country.“I love all midsingles activities, but there’s something about the church-sponsored conferences that I really appreciate,” says Jeni Baird, the conference committee chair. Whether it’s meeting someone new or a toolbox of tips and tricks to be a more attractive person or strengthening their testimony, everybody leaves feeling enhanced.”And what did Larry Cluff of Salt Lake City plan to walk away with? “Lots of phone numbers.”Finding Their Place Now Despite the fact that the midsingle population of the Church is often regarded as high risk, those members have also been referred to as the strength of their wards.

“In each stake [in Orange County] there are on average 250–600 thirty-something midsingles, yet only a handful are active, often sitting alone in a family ward.”Because midsingles make up those ages 31 to 45 who have never been married, in addition to those who are divorced and widowed, as much as Church leaders are anxious to help, there isn’t really a clear-cut answer.

Typically, midsingles have three options following graduation from a YSA ward: a family ward, midsingles ward, or the latest buzz word, the magnet ward. After a few weeks of this, I just couldn’t bring myself to go in anymore. “People connect with me based on common interests and ideas, they treat me like anyone else, rather than focusing on my marital status.

“Every week I hear the same thing: ‘Bishop, if it wasn’t for this ward, I don’t know if I’d be an active member.’”Now, eight years later, there are 18 magnet wards in the country and counting.

I just didn’t feel comfortable.”For others, it’s not the age that’s the problem, but their children: they’re not allowed.

For those who do have children, it’s difficult to make arrangements to attend one ward themselves while their children attend a regular family ward.

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The event, for 16- to 18-year-olds, is an effort to revive old-fashioned dating in the face of the “hang-out” culture, said Melanie Jacobson, spokeswoman for the Santa Margarita stake of the LDS church.

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