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They all enter the mansion except the cats and the gardener.Scooby and Shaggy give the rest of the gang a scare after screaming loud.They fall into a hole which they later discover is a grave.

Velma returns to the wall to see what is under the wall paint.Daphne introduces herself to Simone and they discuss the plantation and its ghosts.Simone agrees that it is haunted by “restless spirits.” She agrees to Daphne recording around the plantation.Lena had overheard Daphne's disappointment and says that a real ghost named Morgan Moonscar haunts the island she works at.Velma looks up the island on her computer and agrees that there had been many strange disappearances on Lena's island. The gang all express their excitement about visiting the island on the car trip down to the ferry.

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Scooby and Shaggy have taken up work as contraband security guards at a local airport. Daphne is surprised to find the whole gang all with Fred.

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