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Being single and dating at 45 can be daunting, especially with kids and a career to think about.

I do of course have a perfectly legitimate reason to do so, and I am also lucky enough to have a very good relationship with Mrs Beautyscientist.

And the arithmetic is a pretty inevitable consequence of the biology. If you have moral scruples about this I respect your honesty and stick to your principles.

Mating is ultimately about passing your genes on to the next generation and the more reproductive years your potential mate has ahead of her the more appealing she is. I am not going to pretend that there is much, but here are a few ideas. But if you are wavering do bear in mind that there are plenty of men around who will say anything to get a woman into bed.

Dating later also means that you and your potential mate are likely to be set in your ways, or even carrying some emotional baggage, if you’re dating someone close in age.

Dating someone now means accepting them for who they are -- not looking for some non-existent ideal person, says Rachel Greenwald, author of the book, “Why He Didn’t Call You Back.” Dawn Touchings, president of the introduction network, The Right Stuff, agrees, pointing out that having a list of qualities you require is the wrong approach.

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Even if you don’t meet a younger man online, you should stay open to the possibility, because it expands your options.

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