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Then when American ladies visit from overseas they say “wow Australian men are so shy and confusing”.

They are used to getting directly chat up by the American guys who are straight forward and to the point.

“So, how do we cure this epidemic of lazy Australian dating?

Is a drink at the pub with mates even ‘datey’ enough? One male friend smiles to her, but then again he is smiling at everyone. As summed up in ‘It’s Just a Date’, dating is “too confusing, too casual, too grey and not black and white.” So, how do we cure this epidemic of lazy Australian dating?

To the point where I’m just treating it as we’re just friends so I can continue looking for someone who will treat me right. I want someone to tell me I look lovely, that they want to be with me, or a flower plucked from the side of the road. If you talk to them they’ll definitely talk to you and it’ll be worth it, you’ll usually find a relaxed guy ready to handle your feminine energy and make your experience of the country a million times better.

Where American dating can be more like getting shoved into the deep end whether or not you know how to swim. ” The next major problem with Australian men is that if you make any kind of noise suggestion you aren’t thrilled by their inability to express genuine interest they suddenly decide you’re simply abnormally high maintenance.

Over the next week, it is possible that this ‘dating’ (if you can really call it that) will have you obsessing over your phone. What kind of dating system allows this sort of behavior? The compulsive need to re-check the phone after you looked at it only 3 minutes before may have to do with the need for clarification. After all the texting before the ‘date’ and the questionable activities on the ‘date’, there is bound to be more confusion after the ‘date’. Seems Austrailian dating is comparable to wading into the water at the shallow end of the pool. I, too, am an Aussie…and if I were still single, I would totally be asking guys out because I’d be so sick of the slowly-slowly, “let’s-feel-this-out-at-a-snail’s-pace-and-confuse-the-shizzle-out-of-each-other” approach. “Are Australian women encouraging this behaviour by accepting it?

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During the date – ‘[Hanging Out]’ versus a ‘Date’ Once the date is secured…hang on, we missed how the date is established. Because Australians not only text instead of calling. And what is with this blurred line of dating, hanging out and hooking up? After the ‘date’ – Clarity and (you guessed it) Confusion?? You can follow her on Twitter @Rhianne Butler or on Linked In here.

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