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Considering that the Standard Fantasy Setting typically already violates some of the fundamental laws of science (wizards who cast fireballs and lightning bolts are essentially creating energy out of nothing, which goes against the laws of thermodynamics), who's to say that steam can actually serve as a viable source of power?Do the chemicals that make up gunpowder actually react the way they do in our real world, or do they just fizzle and pop, if they even do anything at all?If some people manage to create a Hidden Elf Village with advanced tech, it's Decade Dissonance.

You'll have mountains, people and objects can fall and are held to the earth by default. Finally, "stasis" does not necessarily mean "stagnant".history in order to account for the fact that the Sealed Evil in a Can has been forgotten.You fast forward about five thousand years and reveal a world exactly like the one you started in!Profit margins dwindled fast after the first 30km (one day's cart-travel) from the nearest shoreline, river, or canal The amount of both of these in use has steadily increased over time as well.Once it's been quarried there's no reason why stone can't be used time and again, e.g.

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Same kinds of tools and devices, same form of government, same language, same culture—you wouldn't even need to dress differently to fit right in.

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