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Originally used at the University of Oulu, in Finland, Oikarinen used the program to replace the Unix Talk program, which did not allow more than two people in a conversation at once.

The program became immensely popular at the University, and eventually spread throughout Scandinavia.

It may be a case of mistaken identity and you have no involvement in the crime at all.

It seems that on IRC, the only barrier is language; geographical barriers have been torn down.

By the end of 1988, IRC was spreading throughout the Internet.

Within two years, there were more than 200,000 people using the software to communicate. 179) The software transformed from a computer application to a computer institution. A client piece of software is used to link up with a server, where hundreds of other clients are connected.

Transmission of material harmful to a minor is a crime that is punished very harshly in most states.

The goal is to protect children at all costs, which means those accused of this crime may face serious repercussions.

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