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In 2008, Fender again moved Guild when it acquired Kaman Music Corporation and its small production facility in New Hartford, Connecticut, where hand production of all US-made Guilds resumed in a manner consistent with other high-end, boutique guitar builders.

The New Hartford Guild facility began production in early 2009, starting with the D-55 and F-50 models.

In late 2010, Guild released its Standard Series acoustic guitars, which are US-built guitars (still manufactured in the New Hartford, Connecticut facility) that are based on models from their top-end Traditional Series.

Differences in ornamentation and instrument finish options make them more affordable.

Guild also successfully manufactured the first dreadnought acoustic guitar with a "cut-away" in its lower shoulder to allow better access to the lower frets, the D40-C.

In 1972, under Guild's new president Leon Tell, noteworthy guitarist/designer Richard "Rick" Excellente came up with the design.

Production quickly ramped up to include most of the popular Traditional Series acoustic guitar models.

Acoustic-Electric versions of these models are also available.

Also, hard shell case material has been upgraded to a high-end, faux alligator skin material with crushed velvet interior padding.

A number of early West-Coast psychedelic bands used these instruments, notably guitarists Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia and bassist Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, as well as Jefferson Airplane's bassist Jack Casady.

Instrument maker Alembic started their transition from sound and recording work to instrument building by modifying Lesh & Casady's Starfire basses.

Starting with 2012 models, all US-built Guild Traditional Series guitars were available in right- and left-handed configurations.

In 2011, Traditional Series models' were improved by means of a new DTAR pickup system, which allows blending between an internal microphone element and an under-saddle transducer.

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