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You’ve celebrated the first flowers of springtime and shivered along with me when it snowed. How I live my life is shaped by this perspective – of breaking down behavior into small, achievable steps and rewarding each success.

It is a viewpoint that believes that the good in all of us can be brought out and maximized if only we see and encourage it. Now I’m back, not only as a horse owner, but also as a professional.

At the time most authors put up a basic site that didn’t include much more than a book description and an author head shot. Over the last decade, I’ve set down what I know about backyard chicken keeping.

It’s a theme that has coursed through the Hen Blog – the message is subtle but always there. In this world of social media, you’ll still be able to hear news of the Girls and the other animals you’ve become attached to at Hen Cam. One part of my life that you’ve had glimpses of is that In the last few years is my love of horses. No longer writing the Hen Blog will mean that I can turn my full attention to horses.

After ten full years of writing about chickens, I’ve said what I’ve wanted to say about these wonderful animals. For awhile they were not in my life, but they’ve always been on my mind and in my heart. I’m bringing what I now know about the science of behavior and ethology to bear on how I work with these animals.

The internet can be a harsh place, with vitriolic trolls and people spouting angry opinions. It’s been my happy place, too, but I haven’t sugar-coated it.

Illness and loss are inevitable, as are the hard decisions that have to be made.

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Closing the Hen Blog opens up the time to write a new blog at my other website, The Cooperative Horse.

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