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He doesn't really believe in his faith which means there is no issue with "religion," such as me being Christian and him being Muslim because I'm not really much about religion either.Last night was one of those nights where my hubby proved to be my hero yet again.

Also, stop caring about which girls like your man's Instagram pictures!Love and courtship are beautiful things, but random and immature dating during adolescence is not a God-honoring use of time, and distorts the purpose of companionship—especially when you're spending all your time with a guy that defends government-sanctioned theft, murder, and infiltration into our everyday lives.Products must be returned in sellable condition within this time period to receive a refund.Some of you are really embarrassed or laughing with me.What I mean by that is they don't really understand which pictures they look good in/ don't look good in (lol) or won't even post a picture for like 22 weeks.

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  2. I love to laugh and tend to try to make others laugh. :-) I love to kiss and cuddle and a hairy chest is a big turn on as are blue eyes. I like meeting men with a good sense of humour and a zest for life , who will lead me in new directions. I've been in a great relationship for over 25 years. Interests (among many): friendship, books and ideas, classical music, good conversation, food, art, theater, movies, computers and the Net. I am a Top, love to kiss and cuddle, make love not just f**k.