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It doesn’t drag on as much you know, it was a conscious effort to make things a lot more concentrated. That’s the only thing you can actually go on you know.

If they love it, they will by absolutely freaked out with the record. Having done that with him on "Fever", this time around it was a far more enjoyable, relaxed, fun, album process. Cracking jokes, hanging around, it was a really good atmosphere, completely different to the last one, which definitely helped the process. 7 million fans on Bullet For My Valentine's Facebook can't all be wrong. It has been kind of a year off for everybody as far as touring goes, so we’re all supercharged.And before anyone dares to make snarky comments about selling out etc, I dare them to find a handful of modern metal bands with better riffs and solos than these guys. Everyone loves the record, so everything is sorted and everyone is ready to get back on the road for the next couple of years for, hopefully, some really successful touring.So I think that we get more concentrated power that way.Yes, it is shorter, but for me a lot more enjoyable and a lot more powerful.

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