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Many point to Barris’s television output as a precursor today’s reality landscape with shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “American Idol.” “I think anything would have been possible without my shows,” Barris told A. env=A" data-max-width="2678" data-ratio="1.504" data-title=" Simeon Booker" data-uuid="88f273c0-ddcf-11e7-8679-a9728984779c"Marianne Means, political columnist and trailblazing White House correspondent, dies at 83 ' data-credit="Francis Miller/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images" data-image="https:// Post/2017/12/05/Others/Images/2017-12-03/Getty Images-50543736.jpg?

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“I was never on drugs, but everybody thought I was,” Barris said in an interview with the Archive of American Television.

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