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With Django deprecating their contrib comments module, they suggested that we switched to Disqus as an alternative.It's pretty good, but I found that it was a little tricky to configure stuff on the Javascript side of things.If you don't want to use j Query, then you should be able to port this code to any other Javascript library fairly easily. This loads the is loaded, DISQUSWIDGETS.display Count() is automatically called to fill the elements full of the new luscious data.The Hub Spot COS blog comes with built-in commenting on the blog, and there are benefits to using Hub Spot's native comments function, like using Hub Spot's analytics to track leads from comments.

This area needs both the main Disqus code AND the comment count code.

Also in the Blog post body template HTML code area add the Disqus Comment Count code just below the Universal code or at the very bottom.

It looks similar to the code above but if you look closely it is different.

I picked Disqus because it’s been around a while, has good adoption, and generally seems to work well.

Close contenders include Livefyre and Facebook’s Comments Box plugin. To implement Disqus comments, you simply sign up for an account and add some javascript to your templates.

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