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“I also enjoy long walks on the beach” Using eyeball-tracking technology, researchers were able to conclude that men spend less time reading the dating profiles of women, but compensated that by spending 65% more time looking at photos of these women instead. One study concluded that women who don’t drink get 24% fewer messages than women who do.

Honestly, though, anybody could have told them this without a scientific study. This fact brought to you by Captain Obvious Here’s a fun fact Ahuja and Rai threw at the audience: It turns out that about 81% of people looking for love online lie about their age, weight and height. And people still wonder why Ladies’ Night is a thing at clubs and bars across the country!

When you realize that he or she was not the one you are looking for, it is difficult to take a leave.

However, that is not the case in the online version of it. Then, when he or she is not the one you are looking for, you can just say “goodbye” and “nice knowing you”.

Even people married as recently as five years ago might mumble that the rules of engagement have changed so much, they wouldn’t know how to play the game now.

In online dating, they can just put a profile picture and edit details about themselves.

Their profile can be just out there on the dating sites waiting to be viewed by others. You can know something about them without even talking to them.

Many people see online dating as a new way to find love.

In fact, a lot of people had found a long-term relationship through online dating.

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