Virgo dating a virgo

This week lucky numbers are: 96, 50, 71, 1, 84 1965 "La Grusse Valise" closes at 54th St Theater NYC after 7 performances 1982 Flight readiness firing of Challenger's main engines; 20 seconds 1977 Dutch Antilles: premier Boy Rozendal points independence off 1985 UN Security Council unanimously condemns "acts of hostage-taking" 1991 General Motors announces closing of 21 plants Your relationship with your ex-girlfriend is entering a new phase and is FAR from over!You'll have a relationship with her for at least another 18 years my friend.(Like it or not.) I suggest that you make the best of that time by keeping an open line of communication and practice level headed honesty.Eighteen years might seem like a huge number, but Father Time plays tricks on ones mind and the years slip by ever so fast. However, the child will always be a product of you both.In this case, you are what you wear …or at least you should be when attempting to lock down a Virgo. Virgos rely on order like a Gemini depends on excitement.It, along with peace, are top priorities for this earth sign, who naturally gravitates toward those who do not appear to keep up significant drama. I’ve always kind of tiptoed around the edges of astrology.

You may have wanted to make changes where none were required.Many look at Virgos as the stuck-up, boring, prude-ish sign, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.We’re not just picky about who we love; we’re picky about everything.It’s our perfectionist tendencies and love of detail.We’re not willing to settle for “just okay,” when we know we can get as close to perfection as possible. Virgos have high standards not only for themselves, but for those around them.

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Virgos are the rational individuals of the zodiac, and while they like to know as many details as possible, they have a knack for adventure and a little spontaneity on occasion. They seek to regulate harmony, enforce rules and stick to “what makes sense.” They are very detailed oriented, so if you don’t mind being asked a lot of questions, this sign might be for you.

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