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Dystopias always begin as utopias, and the Chelsea is no different.Though in its current state it bears an unfortunate resemblance to Los Angeles’s Bradbury Building as transfigured in the Chelsea was originally conceived as a socialist utopian commune.Tourists from all over the world paid for cheerless rooms and the opportunity to sit in the moldering lobby and gawk.The curator of this living museum, the gatekeeper responsible for deciding who should be allowed admittance and for how much, was Stanley Bard.After World War II, as the hotel declined and room prices fell, it attracted Jackson Pollock, James T.

After the stock-market crash of 1873, Hubert decided New York was ready for its own Fourierian experiment and devised a plan to build cooperative apartment houses in New York City.Former longtime manager Stanley Bard, in the lobby of the Chelsea.He was known for his lax leasing system, which allowed struggling artists to live and work in the hotel for decades., By Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images.Tenants would save money by sharing fuel and services.Hubert’s creations—New York City’s first co-ops—were tremendously successful, and none more so than the Chelsea, which opened in 1884.

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