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"I've been also on that journey of self-discovery, you know, to continue to be curious about myself, and therefore, enrich the relationship with myself and then subsequently my other relationships with friends and family and so forth.Chef Gordon Ramsay meets Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson – nicknamed Tana – when she’s 18 and engaged to his best friend.

The couple welcome their first child Megan in 1998 before expanding their family with twins Holly and Jack a year later and daughter Matilda in 2002.In 1998, Tana Ramsay supports Gordon when he opens his first restaurant Gordon Ramsay At Royal Hospital Road with the help of father-in-law Chris Hutcheson.Gordon starts to gain popularity with his second TV documentary Beyond Boiling Point in 2000 and by releasing books such as Gordon Ramsay‘s Just Desserts.Perhaps the reason pasta is such a great choice is that it’s a blank canvas - Ramsay, however, recommends serving it with roasted shallots, garlic, chili, fresh lime juice and flaked crab meat.Once you’ve mastered the basics, Ramsay suggests getting creative with the protein atop your pasta - try “a beautiful caramelised breast of chicken” or “[an] amazing marinated slice of tuna”.

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But the Hell's Kitchen star says that under no circumstances will there be romance between their kids."We've promised that no one dates anybody," he told The Sun's TV Magazine.

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