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Cross-references are especially useful in user guides and reference manuals.

When a document with cross-references is exported to PDF, the cross-references act as interactive hyperlinks. Select Opens In Full Screen Mode to display the PDF in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader without menus or panels displayed.

You can also set up documents in In Design that can be converted to forms in Acrobat.

Bookmarks you create in the In Design document appear in the Bookmarks tab on the left side of the Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader window.

The problem is, whenever I try to update the text, its not showing the new number. I print the score to the console, and the score has the proper number, so it is not as if score suddenly became null. I guess you're using CS5.5 because you are doing more graphical work than programming? Sorry for my lack of communication but I figured out the problem.

You can create interactive documents with buttons, movies and sound clips, hyperlinks, bookmarks, and page transitions.If the file is opened in Adobe Acrobat, the user can view the file but must enter the specified Permissions password in order to change the file’s Security and Permissions settings.If the file is opened in Illustrator, Photoshop, or In Design, the user must enter the Permissions password, since it is not possible to open the file in a view-only mode.This same code works in Flash CS4, but when i do it in CS5.5, i get nothin. I changed this option to "use device fonts" and it is working properly now. If you are having a similar problem, just select the textfield, and in properties on the right, select use device fonts. Learn how to load HTML-formatted text for an external file into a dynamic text field or textarea component within Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 or CS5.

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To advance the pages automatically, select Flip Pages Every and specify the number of seconds between page turns.

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