Jonas dating selna

There’s no reason that someone’s failed relationship should hold you back from dating them.

If it didn’t work out with your friend, what’s the issue?

Notice how The Weeknd isn’t getting the same criticism for going for his ex’s friend?

If you do ask your friend if they would mind you dating their former loved one, they have two options: either they pretend they’re totally cool with it and let you go on and find your happiness, and they’re left to watch two people they were close to move on without them.

Or they tell you in no uncertain terms that you can’t – and that leaves them feeling like the bad guy who may have just ruined someone’s happiness forever. And yeah, it seems the older you get the smaller the pool of available people becomes.

And if you don’t ask your friend and you just go ahead and date them, then that just makes you a truly awful person who clearly doesn’t care about your friend’s feeling, opinions, and well being. But it doesn’t get simpler than this – if you know you’re about to put your friend into a position in which they can’t win, don’t do it. And there may be many reasons why two people who dated ended things, mainly that they obviously don’t see a future together – but that doesn’t suggest that it’s okay to just jump in to bed with someone who your friend was in love with or cared for deeply or was perhaps even just mildly interested in.

Back in the day, as in the days when Disney Channel was in its PRIME, Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez had an on-again-off-again relationship for 2 years.

They have both since moved on many-a-time, Nick most notably with Olivia Culpo and Selena most notably with Justin Bieber, but they each had flings from the end of their relaysh in 2010 to now.

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