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And you hand me a can, cracking it open as you do so… It’s a bog-standard rom-com, a 90s film I just caught on the TV. And I’m a girl, hell, a woman, aren’t I, and we both smile, laugh, and I take a sip.

She goes straight upstairs, barely acknowledging me, and I hear her crash down onto the bed in the room above me. No secrets here, The guy, you, you say I can stay and finish the film, pours a drink… Yeah, yeah, at almost 19 I’ve been drinking for four years or more already… You, I can feel you next to me, dark, moody, and I think you might be looking at me, but when I peer discreetly out of the corner of my eye, nope, your eyes are staring at the TV screen, not noticing me, now talking. And I push my arse back into the cushion behind me and relax. A buddy leant you it, and then you just wink, all casual, told you to watch it with a girlfriend sometime.

I had been living with him in his suburban home for four years.

The 50 Funniest People Right Now The best shows are those capitalizing on brands established early on, true, but there are others making their mark by toying with traditional talk-show formats, old-timey radio plays and rant-filled monologues.

And as the popularity of podcasts grow, many producers find a helpful give-and-take between cloistered recordings made on a laptop at the kitchen table and big, live events in front of packed theaters.

And, not meaning to, I chew my bottom lip and pour a swig of cider down.

Sweet, rum maybe, but my nose ain’t as refined as it’s going to be, smoky.

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He had had other long-term, live-in boyfriends but, as he made perfectly clear to me when we started seeing each other, he had always dumped them when he felt that they were getting too old; somewhere around their twenty-fifth birthdays.

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