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As I was googling and reading similar articles for this post, I stumbled upon an article written about woman intimidation from a man’s perspective.

He suggested that women who are opinionated should tone it down when going on dates as not to offend or intimidate men until they get to know you.

I am not talking about the lowest of lowest boys who have the audacity to send nudes or dick pics on Instagram or in the late hours of night on Snapchat. It leaves us feeling like there is again something terribly wrong with us.

It’s not worth your time to try to change them anyway (time is of the essence people..let’s not waste it on stupid).

There is so much hate going around on social media and amongst girls when it comes to attire. I don’t plan on wearing turtle necks and maxi skirts to save me some shade from other people.

We are our own worst critics as everyone on this planet should know by now. I am talking about the boys we get invested in relationships with who end up copping out of taking the next step and play the low self-esteem card. Phil therapy session starting up about his tragic childhood and how he is scarred forevermore in his relationships. We would all be lying if we said looks where not important when socializing with others.

It is not a surprise that we sometimes can’t see how our bad-a**ery is scaring others off, and we are left to deal with the consequences of being an independent woman. It leaves us feeling like we aren’t good enough when in most cases we are too good for someone who can’t even have a grown-up conversation. Let me tell you, I get a lot more free food at restaurants when I am dolled up versus my sweatpants attire.

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People will bring us down by saying we are cocky, making fun of our projects, giving us a guilt trip that we invest too much time in ourselves, not being able to congratulate us on our accomplishments, and so much more. Your issue is that you don’t realize your intimidation is causing these consequences, and you aren’t using them to your full advantage. It always seemed to lead to issues which I mentioned earlier.

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