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Since the age of 12, she said, she'd known she couldn't rely on him to show her any sort of love or responsibility.

The article led to a bitter rift between Julie and her younger sister Debbie, who in another article in the Mail, defended her father and disputed Julie's version of events, which, she said, left her 'sobbing with hurt and seething with anger'.

'I can't talk about what caused the breakdown, because it would be wrong to do so, but this rough patch lasted about a year.

Jake Myerson is loping down the street towards me - one shoe held together with gaffer tape.

His hair is wild and he is so tall and lanky that his skinny black jeans are baggy on him and look in permanent danger of falling down altogether.

When he's desperate for money he takes to the streets and busks with his guitar. 'I'm down to my last penny,' says Jake, 20, who is studying at a music college in London. In an interview, Julie, 48, revealed for the first time how she and Jonathan were forced to kick a 17-year-old Jake out of their former Clapham home and change the locks, after he became violent and abusive and they feared his influence over their two younger children Chloe, now aged 18, and Raphael, 16.

Speaking of 'the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to us', the Man Booker Prize-nominated author - pin-up girl for the chattering classes, who appears on Newsnight's arts round-up, but is described by Jake as a 'pseudo New Labour socialist' - said she felt compelled to weave the story of her own 'lost child' into her new nonfiction book.

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